At D.C.C. , our mission is to help children

navigate life with Christ at the helm!

We teach them that He is our rock, our foundation. 

When life tosses them about, they know they

will have a refuge from the storm in Christ! 

He keeps them steady, their lifeline in times of trouble. 

As we teach our kids, we emphasize that any storm

can be calmed knowing Jesus. He is their beacon.

They have a life raft that never disappears into the deep.  

Their lives can be built upon that promise. 

We love to see kids of all ages learn about God

and connect with Him through creative bible

teaching and family fun events. 

Come join us as we navigate this life together!

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D.C.C. Kids Outreach

We strongly believe that kids learn more from hands on activities. Our kids have

grown so much from our community outreach events. We are excited to implement

many more as the year continues. We would love to have your family join us!

Watch our Events section to learn more about upcoming activities

We can't wait to meet you!